The photo below of an alleged Skunk-Ape was send to recently.  We are currently investigating this sighting.  The email came to from an unknown source.  We have tracked the IP address to the southeastern U.S. but we have not been successful in determining who sent it.  If you or someone you know who sent this picture of an alleged Skunk Ape please get in touch with us.

The following pictures were sent to by an anonymous email stating they had seen a SkunkApe in this area and disappeared into the cave.  We have determined this is an area of Campbell County, Tennessee.​

Allegations of this being the SkunkApe Habitat

SkunkApe claimed to have been seen in this area in Campbell County, Tennessee

Previous Alleged Skunk Ape Sightings

If you have a sighting please send us an email with all the details and pictures 
(if you were lucky enough to get them)

We are not sure if the Skunk Ape actually lives in China but we know believers of the SkunkApe do!!
See our friend Paul in China with his "Official SkunkApe Apparel" on.

Letters and Emails......"Yes, we get mail!"

Dear SkunkApe Headquarters,
I love your website and have followed it for the last 3 years. I live in Tennessee and it seems to me that there may be some more activity brewing here.
Living near the Smoky Mountains (Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area), there have been a number of times that I went outside my house around dusk and smelled something faint in the air. I never could pinpoint it exactly, but the odor made me suspicious. Then, one morning I thought I saw a large human figure in the woods moving quickly away. I heard branches breaking. As I went to investigate, I noticed a spot by a pine where the weeds and needles were mashed down like something had slept there overnight. A musty smell lingered in the air. Since I am a firm believer that we humans don’t know everything, I assume it might have been a SkunkApe. My friends have reported some suspicious activity too.
As I analyze the reason for all of this, I figure that because of the global warming, the SkunkApes are extending their range North. As they move into more populated areas and maybe have encounters with Sasquatch, we may get the proof we’ve been waiting for. These things really do exist. 

Thanks for all you do. You guys are awesome!

Cadel Stafford, PDS

Dear Skunkape,

I live around Jackson, Mississippi and we've got a cabin at the lake. About a month ago, June 08, we was down there for a weekend. I've got to admit that we had been sucking down some brew, but that didn't have anything to do with what we saw. 
We was sitting out on the deck when we heard something breaking a bunch of branches in the woods. We thought it was a big buck that got spooked. We never did see that thing, but there was a wind blowing. Oh man. What a big stink! Now I've hunted deer all my life and pretty well know my way around the woods and I can tell you that I've never smelt anything like that. Do you think it could have been a Skunkape?

Tom Johnson

Hey, I saw your website a year ago and thought must be scammers, but now I'm a believer. I came face to face with a Skunk ape two days ago My husband loves to fish for catfish and I usually go with him. Most times we go for a weekend and camp out next to the river. While he's fishing, I pick rushes for the baskets I make along the banks of the river. Well, I was going along and smelled something bad. I thought something had died and was stinking. Like maybe it was a cow or opossom or something. 
Right after that I got into a big mess of cattails. I got kind of tangled up in them and it was wet and spidery and I got freaked so I pushed a bunch of those cattails out of the way and right in front of me was that beast. He was bigger than my husband, had hair all over, kind of red eyes, and really stunk to high heaven. I guess i scared him as bad as he scared me. we both turned around and hightailed it out of those marshes and that's the last I ever seen of him. I told my husband. He broke out his 3030 and went back there. He said he saw where we had been, but couldn't find hide nor hair of the beast. I know I didn't believe you a year ago, but I believe you now.   Ruby B.  Alabama

Dear SkunkApes,

I think you have a great website. I live down by the Everglades and have seen Skunkapes all my life. I'm 34. My daddy has told tales of them that he got from his papaw. I'm currently working on my Phd. in behavioral science and am doing a lot of research in this area. I'd be glad to report any sightings that I have. I carry a camera around with me 24/7 and try to follow up any lead I get. Keep it up and let's stay in touch.


I'ma Believer 

Damn, your website is cool! A couple of years ago when they shot Hogzilla, I thought all right, but then they said they buried it. Right. Their story stunk as bad as a Skunkape. My parents live in 30 minutes past Tampa and they've seen a Skunkape! Mom said that one comes up on their porch and steals cat food and even tried to get the cat, but the sucker got away. I live pretty close to those guys that bagged Hogzilla and there's some wierd stuff goes on in those swamps, but I didn't figure it was true. That hog was big, but not that big.I can way more believe you than them. Keep it up.JS Georgia (Go Dawgs)​

This picture was sent to us but after much research we have determined it was a hoax.

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